Your Sustainable Journey Starts Here
Your Sustainable Journey Starts Here

What We Do

Y Sustainability works with various SMEs, including NGOs, NPOs, and municipalities to empower and enhance their positive impact reach.

We incorporate all stakeholder interests and goals to ensure holistic and successful sustainability goals.

We strengthen an organization’s internal operations and build consensus among its team members.

Our Services

Sustainability 101

Creating a sustainability mindset in your organization specific to your industry

Discovery Analysis

Performing a comprehensive, top-to-bottom evaluation of your organization’s sustainability practices, identifying areas for enhancement

Action Plan

We utilize the discovery analysis to implement constructive and sustainable change within your organization

Reducing Your Carbon Footprint

Evaluating your organization’s greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions based on international carbon accounting standards

Consulting with Y Sustainability will bring your organization up to speed on building out and expanding your Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) pillars of sustainability.

Initially, our experts will perform a comprehensive Needs Assessment with your key decision makers. This Needs Assessment will help to direct focus on the most pressing issues for your organization. Based on these priorities, our experts will conduct a comprehensive Discovery Analysis of your place in the Sustainability and ESG field. This in-depth, deep-diving process will work from within, starting with your Leadership Teams and working all the way through your infrastructure, and includes various stakeholders, including employees and clients. Y Sustainability will develop an Action Plan to allow you to make guided transformations toward gaining Sustainability Certification, such as B Corp or LEED, when this is your goal.

Along the way, consistent with conscious management goals, Y Sustainability will work with the Leadership Team to assess, and facilitate, the development of conscious awareness. Doing so will empower your key constituents to foster and nurture improved business and interpersonal relationships. A confidential, internal score is determined, against which improvements can be measured for development and growth from within your organization. Additionally, Y Sustainability offers several options for stress-relief practices.

Opportunities abound to build and mature your ESG focus and work towards greater sustainability. Additionally, Y Sustainability will assist in fostering strong relationships with impact investment including microlending, thus enriching, and emboldening your positive impact on the stakeholders you work with and the community at large.

Y Sustainability is intent on assisting you to become the most sustainable you can be, and will work with you side-by-side every step of the way!

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